FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & Delivery

How can I order something in your online shop?

Go to the shop section of the page by clicking 'Shop'-button in the navigation at the right top of this page. Now choose one or more of the your favourite Moodies and click the Order Now!-button. After telling us your address and defining the payment and shipment condition, you'll be prompted to once again confirm your order. After that, you will get a confirmation eMail with all the details. If your're still having trouble you can either ask your kids, contact us or GTFO!

Why is the 'Order Now!'-button not working... Dafuq?

You probably have cookies disabled. This usually happens due to exaggerated security settings of your browser or because your browser's still in 'Safe Mode' after watching pr0n. But yeah, let's assume it's because of the security stuff: here's how to fix it.

Is my stuff being encrypted, like, security and sh*t?

Fo' sho'! All sensitive data transfers are SSL-encrypted so nobody can haXx0r your junk. You can recognize a secured connection by the address starting with https instead of http.

Do I have to sign up and give you my soul before I give you my money?

Hell no! We just collect the very necessary information.

Can I make changes to my order after I've submitted everything?

In case you were drunk or high while ordering or something, just reply to your order confirmation email or contact us via our contact form when you're sober again. Make sure to tell us your orders-ID (which can be found in the confirmation email). This works only until the status of your order changes to 'delivering'.

My Moody's seams are coming undone... Is he sick or something?

Pics or didn't happen! Please send one or two photos of the problem to picsordidnthappen{at}moodrush[dot]com and we will send you a new sleeve in return!

I don't like the stuff I've ordered - can I send it back?

Now don't get it wrong: This is actually not a frequently asked question (in fact, it has never been asked yet). But if you're really serious about it, check out your power of revocation. Please note that in case of a revocation all your data will be forwarded to Chuck Norris and he sure won't be amused! So better think twice.

The Moodies

How are the Moodies being produced? Do they lay eggs or what?

The Moodies are a very special species, reproducing themselves in a factory, far, far away. We won't tell more in case you're under 18. The only thing you need to know is that we attach great importance to each one of them in terms of quality an stuff, not only concerning the product itself but also the whole manufacturing process.

Which materials and parts are used?

We only use certified stuff. The sleeve of the pillows are 100% polyester while the filled pillows consist of 75% cotton and 25% polyester. The loose filled pillows are filled with a special sort of wool to make them both soft and stable. And then we put some unicorn sparkle on top of it, dance in a circle around it with only red shorts on to make it AWESOME and it's ready to go. True story!

Can I create my own Moody?

Maybe so, maybe not... Yeah, we're actually working on something like that. Until then you'll have to choose from our awesome range... or GTFO! But if you have a cool idea for a pillow or something, let us know! If your painting skills are better than ours, you can send your design concept to pics{at}moodrush[dot]com. If we like it and it goes into production you'll get one or two of them for free :-D

Can I wash my Moody?

Washing the filled pillow is a very bad idea, but you can sure wash the sleeve. For washing instructions, ask your mom (or, in case you are the mom, look at the label on the pillow)! Even though the sleeves are explicitly designed to be washable, we strongly advise against putting them in the dryer! It will never be the same again after that, or even worse, it might get lost like single socks! And it will probably not be awesome anymore...