Individualized B2B merchandise/advertising products and logos

What are promotional products and how does this work?

If you're looking for an extraordinary way to attract the attention of new potential customers for your company and to strengthen the customer relationship, you've come to the right place! We offer you a novel, innovative and entirely individualized advertising medium or give-away article for the next event or tradeshow. We can make a pillow (or something similar) out of nearly every logo or trademark, regardless of its shape, size or color.

Since our products represent our company, we always go to great lengths to keep our quality standards as high as possible. Giving you something to represent your own company makes it even more important to us. That means, your logo will be stitched onto the soft plush surface of the sleeve. Then, you can wrap the sleeve around the loose filled pillow, which is filled with a special sort of wool to make it both soft and stable. This way, the sleeve can always be removed if required, e.g. for washing.

Optionally, instead of stitching it on, we can also just print your logo, banner or trandemark onto the pillow. But keep in mind that a product with a stitched on surface looks - and actually is - of a higher quality, which your customers, employees or business partners sure will appreciate. Even though a simple printing may result in a lower price per piece, we strongly advise against this kind of product.

So... just pillows, huh?

Of course not! Well, sure, most of our own products are pillows, but that does not set any limitation for us to meet your individual demands. As already said, we can turn your logo, trademark, banner or anything that represents your company into any kind of fabric. This contains pillows (small or big ones), keychains / key fobs, caps as well as beanbags, pouffes and chair cushions. And we are always glad to hear about new ideas :-)

Above that, we not only offer the manufacturing and the product itself. If you wish, we can also stock it and handle the sales and distribution for you, so you don't have to care about anything! Due to competent distribution partners and computer-based communication channels we're proud to have a highly optimised distribution infrastructure. As you can see from the reviews, our customers agree with that.

If you're in doubt about the size, shape, color or you don't even have created a logo yet - no problem! We will do our best to help you with that. Just tell us about your ideas and demands, no matter how strange they might sound to you ;-)

Can you show some examples?

Sure! Below you can see our work for the German YouTuber AlexiBexi who wanted to have his face as a pillow as a merchandise for his blog / YouTube channel and a give-away for his fans. We also handle the sales and distribution for him. The keychain was designed for the German blog The owner of the blog used it for an advertising campaign. And, last but not least, you're welcome to have a look at our own creations from our shop.

Plüsch Maskottchen AlexTV AlexiBexi von YouTube AlexTV mit AlexiBexi Fan Kissen Werbekissen Plüschkissen Rückseite von AlexTV AlexiBexi YouTube
Mydealz Plüsch Kroko Werbekissen Mini Plüsch Merchandise Mini Kissen mit Krokodil Logo Mydealz Werbekissen Sitzkissen Plüsch Kroko

That sounds awesome! What now?

So if this all sounds like what you're looking for (and we're pretty sure it does!) or just in case some further questions occurred, feel free to contact us for more information!

info {at} moodrush [dot] com
Tel.: (+49) 201 / 27 98 91 00

Please understand that we can't name prices or other individual conditions across-the-board before we (help you) find out what you actually want and what your goal is.