Bug Beetle Marvin Plush Pillow
Lady Bug Beetle Smiley Plush Pillow

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Lady Bug Beetle Smiley Plush Pillow

Lady Bug Beetle "Marvin" Plush Pillow - DirtyWhitePaint The Bug pillow is a super soft plush Beetle in a cute Smiley Style by DirtyWhitePaint (german comic artist Jürgen Disterer). The body is made of super soft plush. The Bug Smiley Plush is super soft and cuddly. No print! Only high quality embroidery. The body is large! On the back is a hidden zipper to wash the plush cover easily. You can also hide small things inside the Beetle Plush Cushion. You will love the Smiley Bug Kawaii Plush Toy! It is a very cute plush cushion toy for boys and girls :) Perfect as a gift and cuddly decoration for your livingroom and bed. Find even more cool Smiley Plush cushions in our shop!

Information: The Bug Smiley cushion is not like a normal cushion. It consists of a super soft plush cover with embroidery. NO PRINTING! Only high quality embroidery. This Smiley Bug plush cover has a hidden zipper on the back. If you open this zipper you will see the white filling pillow. This filling pillow has a zipper too. So open this second zipper and you can see the super soft cotton filling. This means you can even change the cotton filling after some years and replace it with new cotton. It's a high quality and user friendly plush pillow which fits to your needs and is really soft and cuddly. Funny gadget to use as a throw pillow for your smiley pillow fight :) Gift idea for your friends: Perfect Plush Smiley Bug gift for your family & friends. Cuddly smiley face pillows are a very special present which makes you smile all day. It's a very unique and cool plush gift similar to a large plush toy. It fits for all occasions like birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, anniversary, prom, redemption etc. So be cool and show your friends something really awesome! :)

  • Size: ca. 38cm x 28cm
  • Weight: ca. 600g (1lb) (with filling)
  • Farbe: Red, Black, Beige
  • Outer plush cover material: 100% Polyester
  • Filling pillow material: 100% Cotton
  • Filling: 100% Polyester
  • 1 plush cover (with hidden zipper)
  • 1 filling pillow cover with zipper, prefilled
  • The detail elements on the outer cover are embroidered (not printed!)
  • Prefilled with German high quality wadding to keep it shape elastic

Care tips:

Please wash the cover inside out without cotton filling. Hand wash is recommended. Separately at 30°C (85°F). DO NOT TUMBLE DRY OR BLEACH! Beware of open fire. If you want to clean this product correctly please wash it carefully. Please take care of your new smiley friend! :)

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