Pandahoodie Marshi Mimi Pillow Cosplay
Marshmallow Pillow with Pandahoodie - Cute Marshi Mimi Panda Pillow

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Marshi Mimi Pandahoodie Plush Marshmallow by Chosen Vowels - Marshmallow Pillow + Panda Hoodie Cosplay (2 in 1)

Pink Marshi Mimi super soft Marshmallow with a cute Pandahoodie uniform. _

The body is made of super soft plush. The Marshmallow Smiley Plush is super soft and cuddly. No print! Only high quality embroidery. The body is large! On the back is a hidden zipper to wash the plush cover easily. You can also hide small things inside the Marshi Mimi Marshmallow Plush Cushion. You will love the Smiley Kawaii Plush Toy! You can dress your Marshmallow with the Pandahoodie or even undress him. Your choice :)

It is a very cute plush cushion and hoodie toy for boys and girls who love Marshmallows :) Perfect as a gift and cuddly decoration for your livingroom and bed.

  • Size: ca. 47cm x 27cm x 16cm
  • Weight: ca. 700g (1.5lb) (with filling)
  • Farbe: White, Black, Pink
  • Outer plush cover material: 100% Polyester
  • Filling pillow material: 100% Cotton
  • Filling: 100% Polyester
  • 1 plush cover (with hidden zipper)
  • 1 filling pillow cover with zipper, prefilled
  • The detail elements on the outer cover are embroidered (not printed!)
  • Prefilled with German high quality wadding to keep it shape elastic

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