About Us - The Freaks Behind The Moodrush-Project

About moodrush.com - Who we are, where we come from and why we do this sh*t :-D

Inception (how we got the idea)

A lot of people ask us: How did you guys come up with that pillow idea? Well, since all the three of us do a lot of chatting we also are very familiar with those well-known smileys used to express joy and sorrow digitally - and we sure use them a lot! :-D

So one day we found ourselves thinking about how cool it would actually be to also have something similar in the real world. Maybe some kind of avatar representing your mood or something... Or just some moody thing to literally throw at people or - if you're a good guy - give it away to your girlfriend, something that reminds her of how much you love her. Girls love this kind of stuff! :-P And, we won't lie, we quite liked the idea of becoming self made millionaires by creating something new (because girls love that kind of stuff, too) :-D

So how to aggregate feelings so that you could wrap them in gift paper? Text messages get deleted, words have to be repeated every day and facial expressions last for maybe a few seconds... And writing poems is so 19th century!

So, take all this, add a few beers, a pen and a blank piece of paper, and here we go: Let's make smiley pillows! Unfortunately, none of us knew anything whatsoever about making pillows... So we've come a long way from countless hours of designing, organizing stuff, making endless phone calls, programming, trying, failing, arguing, being in doubt and sleeping way to too little. True story!

But it was worth every second and now we proudly present: The Moodies! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. So have fun, feel free to leave some feedback, but only good stuff... nah, just kidding, actually we don't care at all!